National Background Checks



To request a background check on an applicant, perspective employee or an existing employee, please click on the pdf icon below and print the two forms:
  1. You the client will print and complete the "Client Request Form"
  2. (also attached)The "Authorization Form" which is to be completed by the "Applicant", employee. 
  3. Fax both completed and signed forms to National Background Checks at (724) 592-7736.
  4. The results will then be faxed to you upon completion.  (Usually a three day turnaround time.)
  5. An invoice will also be faxed to you for completed work.
Note: For educational verifications the name of the institution and dates of attendance are required. Also, if the applicant used an "AKA" please provide the name(s) used while in attendance.  (ie: maiden name)